How do dentists fix a chipped tooth?

How do dentists fix a chipped tooth?

How do dentists fix a chipped tooth?


lol wow don't listen to any of these ppl haha Plz do not use the gorilla glue there are many ways of fixing a chipped tooth and it depends on the size and weather it is on the anerior or posterior tooth they can use a filling matierial if it's small if not there are vaneers or an onlay ,and crowns


idk how its done or anything, but i chipped my front tooth about 8 years ago and got it fixed, and the filler is still there. so i just want to say make sure you go to a good dentist so that you dont have to keep replacing it.


they use Gorilla Glue. Very cheap. Only $4.99 at Home Depot


my son had an "overlay" put on his...easier than a depends on how bad you chipped it?



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