How do i become a dental Hygienist/what major?

How do i become a dental Hygienist/what major?

How do i become a dental Hygienist/what major?



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Cosmetic Dentist in Pasadena, CA!?
Thought I posted this but it doesn't seem to show up. In Pasadena, it seems about $6000 for a 24 month treatment course is typical, at least in the past year. In part the price depends on the treatment length and other things like xrays. Sometimes you can get the right kind of xrays from your...

How much do xrays and teeth cleaning cost?
Sorry this is longggggg I'm not sure how it is in other states, but here in Massachusetts, the dental insurance companies started to make it so we could buy dental insurance because here in Massachusetts, we have to have health insurance or we get fined close to the cost of what it would have...

Did Hitler really put fluoride in the water at concentration camps? If so why do we put it in are water?
Yes, fluoride was used in Nazi Concentration camps and the gulags in Siberia to make prisoners docile and easier to control. It is also absorbed through the skin when bathing, showering, or swimming in fluoridated water. You absorb through the tissues of your mouth when brushing your teeth...

Please read,or scan over.I need some advice.Are there any other dental options? Please help me?
I would never remove healthy teeth with strong roots. I would root canal those, build them up and place all ceramic crowns or Lava crowns over them. Then you can replace any ‘un-savable” or missing teeth with implants. You are WAY too young to be considering implants. I think that you should...

I need a dentist in the NE Houston area?
I would contact Dr. John Bridger if you are apprehensive. He is not on the NE side of town, but he is worth the drive. Dr. Bridger offers sedation and is very gentle. Look at his website at They can see you today!