How do i go about moving to america from canada??

How do i go about moving to america from canada??

How do i go about moving to america from canada??


You need to apply for a work visa or a student one. If you can get a job there you can apply for a green card later but make sure you get it all done officially or they will kick you out and deport you right back to Canada. A friend of mine lived there illegally and even opened his own restaurant in New Orleans. They deported him when he came back to visit Canada for documents he needed to get american citizenship. click the link for info on the processes


There is a huge division from people under and over 28 years old. A student can travel to the USA. The tuition is always double or triple, so get ready for that. But a student visa is far easier if you are under 28 years old.


as long as your not related to govener grandholm in michigian its ok.


get a passport and apply for a student visa to go to school there :P good luck



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