How do I make a complaint against a lay-tech dentist?

How do I make a complaint against a lay-tech dentist?

How do I make a complaint against a lay-tech dentist?



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Why is dentistry a profession in its own right not a branch of medicine?
Good question, and in recent years there has been some discussion in the UK about making dentistry a medical specialty. There is already a medical specialty called maxillo-facial surgery where the practitioner has to be both a registered dentist and a registered medical practitioner. Dentistry...

Painless Dentistry???????????
Yes, it does work. You will simply take a pill, and in a little bit you are asleep. You won't remember anything about the appt. and the dentist should give you some pain pills to help you feel better after you are home. Just plan on letting your family pamper you, eat soft foods, ...

Where the PH.D. in dentistry after doing MDS in prosthodontics can be done in india?
Dr. Vanchit John - Assistant Professor and Director, Predoctoral Periodontics B.D.S. - Madras Dental College, Madras, India M.D.S. in Periodontics - Madras Dental College, Madras, India Certificate in Periodontics - Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis, Indiana M.S.D.Periodontics...

How can I fix the loss of enamel on my teeth?
You actually can't. You can prevent future loss, however. The best thing you can do is make sure you have a strengthening toothpaste and mouth wash and then consult your dentist. He/She might recommend getting caps over your teeth with issues.

I need help. This is no laughing matter I am getting sick, headaches so please if you can help I will appreica
Contact a church in your area. Go back & reapply for MEDICAID. File for SSI - Social Security Disability. This would be considered a disability! Contact Salvation Army.