How do you address your dentist?

How do you address your dentist?

How do you address your dentist?


they do go to med school....they study all the main medical subjects...coz everythn is ur dentist has to kno about ur other illnesses coz it can be related...dentists kno how to handle medical emergencies..coz it can occur at his/her office...



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Sedation or General Anesthesia chid's dental?
I never heard of a Dentist using General Anesthesia they use Sedation with this drug.Here is some info I think you should read about Sedation If it was me I would not let them use the drug Versed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure. In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious...

Does anyone know of a dentist who does cosmetic implants in or near Dallas,TX. pro bono or very cheap?
Your best bet would just be to call around. Do you have Dental insurance? Some insurances cover partial costs but VERY few actually cover implants. Your best bet would be to see whom your Dentist recommends or go to the American Dental assoc. Website Ive listed below. That site can give you...

Has anyone every used the NYU college of dentistry dental clinic?
It was TERRIBLE! To find out about anything to do with dentistry, bad breath, funny tongues, oral surgery, white spots, oral mucosa, braces, orthodontics, periodontal surgery, jaw surgery, facial surgery, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, or generally anything to do with teeth or dentistry...

Dentists and patients: Do you or have you ever met a Dentist with not so perfect teeth?
I don't even look at their teeth but I'm sure since they are dentist they take care of their teeth. Dentists have to go to the dentist as well so I'm sure they practice what they preach

Sensitive gag reflex at the dentist's?
I actually DO gag at the dentist...and a lot. It was so bad that I couldn't even get x-rays done. What my dentist did was numb my mouth up with a topical gel that tasted like cherry. She let me put it in my mouth myself, and told me to swab it as far back as I could (which caused me to gag...