How Do You make my teeth so white ?

How Do You make my teeth so white ?

How Do You make my teeth so white ?


brush twice a day.. or after every meal. rinse with some mouth wash. Floss your teeth. whitening kits are bad for your teeth. jus as long as u brish like i told u, u will see improvements slowly but surely.


floss, whitening toothpaste, apple skin is good for whitening i hear (don't know if true though) you can get a home whitening kit!


Try crest White Strips. Or It is said that a toothpaste containing Baking soda helps to whiten teeth =].


Well using any teeth strips, are not good for your teeth. There are chemicals that aren't good for them whatsoever, and your bleaching you teeth? Drink milk. This has calcium, and, of course, calcium builds strong bones and teeth. Also remember to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, and remember to floss every time too.



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