How does sweet air work at the dentist?

How does sweet air work at the dentist?

How does sweet air work at the dentist?


Sweet Air? Never heard of it however they may be talking about Nitrous Oxide otherwise known a Laughing Gas. I always take the gas for my abject paranoia of all things dental but after they gas me they give me the Novacaine. It works for me.



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Dentist qualifications abbreviations?
BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. That is the main qualification in Britain. I ave no idea what your new dentists qualifications are but you could possibly Google them.They must be equivalent or higher to work in the UK, as you have to pass certain standards as laid down by the Government...

I have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
Can 't see how it is called cosmetic. Insurances always try it on. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed chipped jawbone and stitches. It did not change the appearance of me. As far as I can see it is the removal of a awkward tooth. Insurances - they really annoy me.

How can dentist make molds without teeth for dentures/implants?
They will make molds of the bottom teeth, and create new dentures or implants that match up with the bottom teeth. They may not be an exact match of what you had naturally, but they will be fully functional, and will look like teeth. Good luck! Just remember that you have so much smiling to...

Is there a dentist for cats?
Hi disorders can be treated by a veterinarian since many cats suffer from periodontal disorders. Once a tooth is lost it cannot be restored. The drooling is a result of the periodontal disorder: Periodontal disorders in cats: http://www...

Where would one go for a small trivial tongue operation?
This is an actual dental condition called "Ankyloglossia" which literally means "tongue tied". It's a simple procedure to snip the frenum (the little flap of tissue under the tongue that's restraining it too much). Yes, it hurts but that goes away fairly quickly. If you are self conscious...