How much do invisilign braces cost?

How much do invisilign braces cost?

How much do invisilign braces cost?


The lab costs for Invisalign to the dentist are incredible and non-negotiable. They are the same for the entire country. The amount the dentist adds on top of those fixed expenses may vary, but I'd say that a national average is probably about $3,000-4,000, depending on the complexity of the case and the economy of the region. Personally, I stay in the $3,000 range, but that's because I am in a rather rural area and also because I try to stick to cases that will not require as much of my time. I am a general dentist and not an orthodontist, so I try to avoid cases that will require combination treatment. That's what the specialists are for. Even if things in Texas are cheaper, I'd be very surprised to find anyone doing a full Invisalign case for less than $3,000. Having said that, there are a few types of cases that require only a few appliances and far fewer office visits, so you might find a lower fee if you are one of the lucky ones. If your dentist suggests Invisalign, it will work as long as you do your part. Invisalign dentists must be certified by the company to provide the treatment, so they won't be doing it if they don't know how.



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