How much does a crown cost?

How much does a crown cost?

How much does a crown cost?


Well yes its different everywhere... here in our country I usually charge 5,500pesos per unit (philippines)


Thats way to much. Find a new dentist



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there is one in marion dr.demarri,also you can go through the health dpt dentist in marion she is pretty good i do not recomend dr jennings here in wythe i do have a list of dentist names from every county i will add them in a sec if u can let me know which area u need to go

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I say this knowing it wont answer your question but it just might just make you feel a bit better. I just dont bother with the needle at all. Its not that Im scared of needles -its simply a real nuisance to come away from the dentist and have a numb face for half the day -far more convenient...

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