How to choose best dentist?

How to choose best dentist?

How to choose best dentist?


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Does anyone know of a good Dentist with Saturday hours in Southern Westchester NY? (including White Plains)?
If you want to head to Pelham Manor on Boston Post Road.... Pelham Dental (next to CVS) (914) 738-1033 They do have Saturday hours.

Dentist for dogs?
Try your vet - he might be able to do something about your dog's smiles. If you love your dogs the way they are, why do you want to change their teeth? Because other people do? You should keep your boys the way they are if that's the way you like them. I think the smiles are cute, actually...

Does anyone know of a dentist who will do bridges in Utah?
Yes, there are plenty of dentists in Utah on the LocalDentist4Less network. Many of them will accept payment and all will give you discount to 60% on bridgework. Search by zip code or full address.

Where in new york city dentist put you to sleep to fix alot of cavity i have?
Usually dentists will not put you to sleep for a cavity. They might try happy gas if you have a high tolerance for Novocain. Using anesthesia on a simple procedure like that is troublesome. It takes the remainder of the day for the anesthesia to wear off and you wouldn't be able to drive yourself...