How to solve a dental issue?

How to solve a dental issue?

How to solve a dental issue?


Hello, Well it is great that you understand how teeth are important. A little bit consciousness can help us greatly to be out of dental problems. It seems you have to move to a dental doctor immediately.


In my opinion you must visit a dental clinic which has state of art facility and which houses best renowned dentists who take meticulous care to provide you comfortable pain free treatments.



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Question for dentists,10 photos attached. Please help to decide: is it possible to save 4 teeth? Thank you.?
the photos are really bad cant see what you are trying to ask. if periodontitis is the problem then regular visits to a dental hygienist is best to receive proper toothbrush instruction and a professional debridement of tooth and root surfaces. untill then :- small headed, medium texture brush...

Where can I get a cheap smile makeover?
I am in Ohio and have no ideas in Houston, TX. But, dentistry is just like everything else- you get what you pay for. If you find dentistry that is cheap, you will have cheap dentistry placed in your mouth.

Where and how can I find a good functional orthodontist near Germantown/Gaithersburg/Rockvi... in Maryland?
Try going to to find a functional orthodontist near you. In regards to you being told about your son getting a Class I profile by those traditional orthodontists - there are two kinds of Class I's, a dental Class I and a skeletal Class I. A skeletal Class I is when the skeletal...

URGENT - Horse dentist (to come to Dunstable MA)?
If it's his oversight at not doing your mare and she was on the list to be done he should be coming back and doing her..... no questions asked. Check with local veterinary practises as they will more than likely be able to recommend someone. Apart from that try your local saddlery store, they...

For dentists: what degree would help you most in running your practice?
Try a business degree, but that is not a must, I know a lot of dentists that have learnt the art of business via experience and speaking to coleagues