How to solve a dental issue?

How to solve a dental issue?

How to solve a dental issue?


Hello, Well it is great that you understand how teeth are important. A little bit consciousness can help us greatly to be out of dental problems. It seems you have to move to a dental doctor immediately.


In my opinion you must visit a dental clinic which has state of art facility and which houses best renowned dentists who take meticulous care to provide you comfortable pain free treatments.



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OMG U PPL DONT KNOW ANYTHING. of course, the whole thing makes ice. dry ice. your teacher is trying to trick u. i swear, that happens to pretty much every school. live with it

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You can't sue him because u now have an infection RCT doesn't always work and that is not the dentists fault! Do u want to sue him everytime you need a filling aswell!! As far as retreatment goes another treatment may also fail if the tooth is prone to infection. Ask about an extraction if...

Why in the world do dentists have to be so rough with the flossing?
Floss twice a day and brush 3 times a day so your gums will not bleed and be so sore and tender when you go to the dentist.

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Go see doctor Chagger, he is amazing. I'm petrified a dentist all my life until I met Dr. Chagger in Oakville. Tell him Sue or Andy sent you. He is awesome, he also has an assistant Sandra, I only deal with Dr.Chagger and Sandra, no one else. 905 257-2221, this is his new office, he also has...