I am paralyzed young lady, looking for a dentist, maybe to do a pro-bono wonder?

I am paralyzed young lady, looking for a dentist, maybe to do a pro-bono wonder?

I am paralyzed young lady, looking for a dentist, maybe to do a pro-bono wonder?


Check with your local dental society. They do have programs for individuals with special needs. Not sure about your area, but in Illinois(where I live) we do have one that is free. The name escapes me right now, but I am sure if you do a search in your state's dental society, you will find something to help you. The one we have here does require you to meet certain criteria and you must qualify.Good luck. PS- Aha! Just remembered the name of the Program!! It is called Donated Dental Services,or DDS for short. Good luck!



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