I hate my smile help?

I hate my smile help?

I hate my smile help?



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How to continue your education as a registered nurse?
Alright here's my opinion: medical field is great, and there's different ways to get there. Nursing: 4 yrs for BSN then pass boards PA: typically now a Direct- entry Masters on 5 yrs or bachelors and then 2 yrs grad school. MD: 12 yrs+ My argument is typically for PA if you want to be a doctor...

Why do I keep getting letters from Delta Dental saying my HMO dentist has dropped me and I have to choose aga?
Go to a university that has a dental school. They can give affordable care for little to no cost. You can also go to a state clinic for care. As for dentists dropping you, it's clear they are doing it because you aren't accepting treatment...and they aren't getting any money from you. I have...

To all the dentists out there: why did you chose to study dentistry?
I wanted to be involved in a medical profession and my uncle was a wonderful dentist and was a role model for me. Dentistry has an artistic component to it as well- Dentist use their hands to sculpt teeth Sometimes they use their skills to create more appealing smiles(Cosmetic Dentistry)....

Has anyone gone to Dr. Wesley in Brentwood, TN?
I am going to give you the same answer here that I just gave to a similar question you also asked. You should not rely on the recommendations of strangers on Yahoo Answers. You have no way to tell whether the person really knows this dentist. Instead, ask people who you know--neighbors, friends...