I hate my smile help?

I hate my smile help?

I hate my smile help?



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What does it mean if my upper left lateral has moved backwards?
Teeth tend to crowd rather than space with time. Never heard of an emrgency brace,presumably as its not an emergency. The issue isnt how it is now, but how its going to get- hard to predict. Get ur dentist to look and probably simply monitor it for now, with the option to realign them if it...

A good dentist in Bakersfield Ca?
Dr. Ortman is the best! hands down.

What was your favorite sketch on the Carol Burnett Show?
I think my favorite skit was when Tim Conway was the dentist & Harvey Korman was the patient. Poor Harvey, he tryed so hard to keep a straight face & couldn't. I also loved the skits when Carol was the clueless, gum chewing, goofy walking secretary, Miss Wiggins & Tim Conway was Mr. Tudball...

What is a good attention grabbing title about going to the dentist ?
For a Children book? idk David goes to the dentists first sentence: One Dark and Gloomy Day David got into the car to go on an adventure he would never forget.

Health Insurance, Krystals?
Seriously? $500 for glasses? I buy mine online. It costs me $8 a pair, frames and single vision lenses, and another $5 for shipping, with hundreds of frames to choose from. Anyway. The reason Starbridge is crap coverage, is because it's a "limited benefit" plan. Look at what it covers...