I have Metlife insurance....?

I have Metlife insurance....?

I have Metlife insurance....?



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Can I make it to UC Davis? Please help!!?
I'd say you have fair chances. 26% of applicants admitted into UC Davis had GPA's of 3.25 to 3.49, and the acceptance rate is pretty high - 68% It's hard to say because you haven't taken the SAT yet, and that's usually a deciding factor for all colleges. If you look at UC Davis' college admission...

Where can i find a dentist who takes medicaid for my 16 year daughter in pensacola FL.They said she cannot go?
Did you try calling the state Medicaid phone number to ask for a dental provider?

Cheap dentist in New Jersey?
Nope, no such dentist is cheap! Good luck!

How can I check the credentials of a pediatric dentist if they aren't listed with ADA?
Just because a dentist is listed on your insurance doesn't mean he is reputable or good. It just means he signed up to take patients with your insurance. Insurance companies are in business to make money and they really don't care about you or the quality of work you receive. Please don't...

How can I remove plaque without seeing the dentist?
Plaque (soft and sticky) can be removed with regular brushing... calculus and tarter (harder substance) can only be removed by dental professionals with the use of scalers, currettes or cavitrons......... :)