I need a dentist in the NE Houston area?

I need a dentist in the NE Houston area?

I need a dentist in the NE Houston area?



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Does anyone know of a Pediatric dentist in Orlando open on Saturdays??
Yes I know of a great Pediatric Dentist. Her name is Arelis Rodriquez. Her and her staff speak spanish and english and are very friendly. I take my 5 year old there and she has no problem. Here is her information: I'm not sure if she is open on Saturday, but you could call and find out...

Where can i find a good dentist that takes payments in tampa fl?
For a child dentist, I know Dr Alfonso does, he is on Dale Mabry. For a cheaper dentist, there is one outside of town, on MLK. I can't remember the name of it, but its pretty cheap, and they should accept payments. Its not the best looking place, but they do cheap x-rays and stuff.

Relocating to Richmond VA?
The west end of Richmond, in Henrico County (outside of Richmond city limits) is your best bet. Most development is happening on the west end. Henrico County Public Schools is a very good school district for all children - from the special to the gifted. For boating, you'd do well on the James...

Good dentist in atlanta georgia?
depends what part of atlanta..if in north georgia than my dentist is great, and have been going to him my whole life..he uses all of the newest technology.

How can i protect my fake tooth while boxing?
Yes, there are special mouthguards for boxing. Ask your dentist for a custom made professional boxing mouthguard. Don't mess around. The 'boil and bites' you buy in a sporting goods store and the online 'custom impression' kinds are not adequate to protect both arches. If your dentist isn't...