I need a dentist that excepts Aflac insurance?

I need a dentist that excepts Aflac insurance?

I need a dentist that excepts Aflac insurance?



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My dentist sent me a copy of my xrays on printer paper! Is this illegal?
Is it a glossy paper? If so those may be legit, as another answerer has said. I physically took copies of my X-rays from my dentist's office to my oral surgeon, and they were on glossy printer paper. Nothing special, either. I can buy the same type of paper at any office supply store. I'm...

Does Illinois medicaid cover oral and maxillofacial surgery?
Medicad will cover the oral, but you need to find a dentist that will except it. There is a dentist on McCord St. in Centralia Illinois that will except medicaid. Hope this helps you. Good luck in finding someone.

Did you hear the latest news about marsha and jan from the brady bunch?
damn, marcia fooled me. i thought she really did have a huge crush on davey jones, dr. vogel (the dentist) and doug simpson (the big man on campus)!! great acting, who would've thought?

Where do i go for continuation coverage of vision and dental for college students?
I do not quite understand your question. Are you asking how you can extend your present plan? I'm sorry I do not have the answer to that question. But, are you asking how you can get a Dental and Vision plan for college students? If this is your question, I can help you. Please go to this web...

What kind of gum does the 5th dentist recommend, then?
They probably just failed to ask that one and just went with the info they had...lol I recommend gum with Xylitol as the first ingredient. Orbit has it 3rd, which isn't as helpful for cavity reduction. Ice Breakers has it first as well as gum sold on the internet. Xylitol.com