I need as much info on the Little Shop of Horrors?

I need as much info on the Little Shop of Horrors?

I need as much info on the Little Shop of Horrors?


Type little shop of horrors into Google. I saw the 1960 Rick Moranis movie with Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist. Is that the one you mean? It was a good laugh with some clever songs.



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Why cannot Iraqui vets get qualified help?
Have you gone to a reputable psychologist/psychiatrist? Anything run by the government for free is going to be low quality. Just look at the medical care you get while you're in the Army. They give you some ibuprofen and tell you to drink more water. You have to pay a little extra if you want...

Favorite Xmas Present?
my dad got me a GI Joe when I was little, I also had steve austin and a variety of other action men and stuff lol was always a bit of a tom boy! Liked the smoking after sex thing, I think I'll use that to my advantage next time he wants to drag me out of bed to go for a ciggie with him lol

My dentist Pulled out my Left canine tooth?
All teeth are important and you shouldn't have any pulled unless there is a reason. You should have done your research beforehand. Now that it's gone, you can ask your aunt about a dental implant but that is the closest you can get. Obviously, you can't sue your aunt. You knew what was happening...

How's Dentistry as a profession?
How are your "motor skills" that is not something that can be taught. Either you have them or you don't. Could/would you be a sculptor if it paid well? If you don't have the skill and talent to make and sell statues, you don't have the skill and talent to repair teeth. If you have the necessary...

Career of a Dentist?
Dentists earning a lot of money can sometimes by a misconception. Dentists, especially during the first 10 years, are mainly in debt up to their eyeballs. They have to go WAY in debt just to do the schooling, and then MORE in debt to buy the equipment and building and employees and supplies...