I need braces, my husband says too much$ get em in Mexico...?

I need braces, my husband says too much$ get em in Mexico...?

I need braces, my husband says too much$ get em in Mexico...?


No you didnt do the right thing...........I think you should def get the braces its for your own good. the payments are only 203 and if you dont have a job you can get one,,,,babysit do something on the side... and about the Mexico my sister in law go them done inMexico and they did an awesome job... although she does go back for appointmets and check ups but she only lives about 3 hours away, anyways you need to have a talk with your husband he should be there for you and support you in any decision you make,,,, think about it what would happen if he needed to get something done like that and you said NO!!! because it was to expensive! If he just dosent want to help you get a job and pay for them ... show him that you can do it on your own! Let me know what happends!


Yes if your husband said no than he does not care about you enough.It's your mouth.If he starts yelling at you about it I would walk out the door and and never come back my braces cost 8,569 dollars and my family thought that was too much but they care about me so they paid it. Get your braces and just remember you have needs too. Good luck



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