I need help finding community resources for a family down on their luck.?

I need help finding community resources for a family down on their luck.?

I need help finding community resources for a family down on their luck.?


churches might be an option, or organizing a drive to collect money/food. Salvation army,dept of social services,WIC,


In Texas we have a program called 211 Texas A Call For Help. You can call that number and be given either state or local referals. You may check to see if WI has something like that? Also check the local food stamp office, other churches for the gas, medicaid, local mental health mental retardation center, they may be able to guide you somewhere.


I did a quick search and found this page quite insiteful. This gives contact info on support from housing, food, financial, medical, and employment. I recommend ARC they're a really good non profit organization for resources. Please click on the link: http://www.katrinadisability.info/WISCON... This has several very good resources. Good Luck



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