I need help from a dentist.?

I need help from a dentist.?

I need help from a dentist.?



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A purse question???
If your absoulutley in love in with it, get it, if you dont have the money, earn it. It is pretty ugly NO IM JKJKJK!! I love it!! Go for it, sorry that I dont know where you can get it cheaper...but yea

Why do I have ads from a pediatric dentist everywhere I go ?
Lol, because of cookies. Yahoo uses them and targets ads based on your past searches. Clear out your cookies

With no price limit how wld be the best way to come closest to dimebags awesome tone. im medium skill but not?
Dude go get yourself a copy of "Riffer Madness" by Nick Bowcott and DIME himself !! The run down of his rigs over the years comes right from the man himself,and you will find it is sooooo usefull in playing his "style" and achieving his abrassive tone..there is a whole section/chapter dedicated...

Oral-B Super Floss?
Recommend you ask your dentist/ hygienist. It may be that the space you are trying to clean has changed slightly and the superfloss no longer fits? This happens a lot when gums become much healthier due to the hard work of the owner! ( the swelling in the gums resolves, the gums tighten up...

NHS Dentists in Uk How do I find an NHS Dentist In Manchester are there any left in Manchester?
http://www.nhs.uk/ServiceDirectories/Pag... Try the above link