I need to find a dentist that is willing to do payment plans in denver, co?

I need to find a dentist that is willing to do payment plans in denver, co?

I need to find a dentist that is willing to do payment plans in denver, co?


If you aren't aware of any dental clinics in Denver that charge based on the patient's ability to pay, contact your local health department. I'm not aware of a dental school in Denver, but if there is, give them a call.


Dentists are usually small businesses and can't afford to make unsecured loans to people they don't know. That's why many dental offices offer Care Credit or some other company to do the loan for them. Would YOU loan hundreds or even thousands of dollars to someone you don't know? If your credit is bad or if you can't find outside financing, try a community health clinic or dental school. Often, they offer reduced fee or sliding scale fees for people who need extensive work.


Care Credit is a credit card just for dental work. You can apply for it at most dentist offices (the ones that accept it). Their web site is www.carecredit.com you can search for dentist offices on their web site on the top right hand of the page by entering your zip code. Good luck!


I am not so close to you, but may suggest to start with the most important complain of ur bf to eliminate pain then with the less important issues as simple decayed teeth or stained teeth, good luck but for any online help contact me as ahmadhashem41 at yahoo same name for YM



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