I really want to become a dentist what grades do i need?

I really want to become a dentist what grades do i need?

I really want to become a dentist what grades do i need?


im terrified of dentists, please become a really good dentist thats also really nice and not absolutely terrifying and then come be my dentist?


Providing you can produce good AS levels and A grades at A level then you should be fine. But you only have once science there and Maths, I am not so sure the others will get you into dental school. They normally look for two science based and one maths or english. Your other subjects are considered to be soft subjects and will not help you.


You can get into any college with a C average but to get further education you need a B or A generally and they take the best students so really you need all A's and tons of extracurricular activities that look good.


If you're getting A's and B's, you should be fine. Requirements can vary depending on the school, too. Just remember, any time you go to any doctor or dentist, there's a 50 percent chance that he/she graduated in the bottom half of his/her class!



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