If Hamilton pushed a photgrapher the way Kimi did, what would people say?

If Hamilton pushed a photgrapher the way Kimi did, what would people say?

If Hamilton pushed a photgrapher the way Kimi did, what would people say?


I can imagine people saying "Bloody Brit! I knew he wasn't a good guy! Here is the proof that he is not!" Seriously I don't understand how Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari are being treated like the royal family of Formula 1 while people always disrespect McLaren and Hamilton even when they win a race! Lewis is the one among the current drivers who participates the most in charity activities. No one cares about this because he is British! More he is half-black and even more he is not in Ferrari! The haters are just being ridiculous and they can't see the truth that Lewis is not trying to act like a good boy. He is good! He doesn't bloody have to do everything right. He is a human too. He has the rights o make mistakes. But when he does something wrong people always keep treating him like a failure! But perfect (!) Kimi Raikkonen has every rights to do every kind of mistakes. He has the rights to talk vulgar, be drunk during an interview, push a photographer who is just doing his job! If it was any other team had a cat that would possibly harm the other drivers the FIA would suspend them in a heart beat, (I am talking about Kimi's car exhaust port dangling off the car a few races back.) As we see dear Majesty Kimi Raikkonen and their beloved team Ferrari will always be protected by the people and even by the FIA. They will never be the one to blame even every circumstances seems very guilty!


He was pissed because the photographer stepped on his bag containing his Hollyoaks season one and two dvd set. Seriously though, it wasn't such a good idea for that idiot photographer to get so close to Kimi, or any driver right before a race. I'm sure pretty much anyone else on the grid would have reacted the same way if someone invaded their personal space like that right before a big important race.


They'd say the same thing probably because people have complained about Kimi's shove. Actually Raikkonen does always thank the team, just not in front of a tv camera, with the world media watching. And when he did ignore race marshalls, how many times was it because he was immensly angry that his Mercedes engine had blown yet again? Hamilton has only had, I think, 3 DNFs, so he wouldn't know what it was like. Before the start of a grand prix is when a driver is most tense, if Cahier was close enough to get a picture 2 inches from someones face, he was TOO close. And I wouldn't have liked anyone standing on my stuff. I'm not justifying what he did, but put yourself in Raikkonen's position. There is fault on both sides, Raikkonen shouldn't have pushed, and Cahier should not have been so close or steeping on his stuff. Anyway, someone has finally captured evidence of the Iceman's fiery temper. Don't complain about it!


well kimi and lewis are different in many ways. kimi has to defend his tittle and concentrate on this season. if a photographer invadeds his personal space then a driver, i mean any driver would get violent because its their life basically driving and some drivers want to keep away from the spotlight, from certain things.


Uh... quite a few drivers have pushed photographers away before. I'm not sure what incident you are referring to here. Sometimes the press does get in their face at wrong times hence the treatment. Hamilton actually pushed the camera away after he went back to his garage at Montreal, Canada. But first, Kimi and Hamilton are two people with very different personalities. Kimi is not arrogant but someone who prefers to have more of his own space. I do know that he does stop to sign autographs if he is not in a hurry. While there have been no reports of Hamilton getting violent with marshals and press, don't forget about the Montreal incident mentioned in the first paragraph. And Hamilton likes to voice his thanks, so does Kimi. But he does it in his way, he just doesn't feel that he needs to shout it out to the world. Different people, different approach Edit: Ok.. I just managed to obtain a video. Well, he went too near Kimi and stepped on his gear. Since Kimi was preparing for the race, it was understandable. If other drivers did the same, no one can blame them. (video link below) During the Malaysia Gp at Sepang in 2006 (or 2005) one of the local TV crew went a bit too near Alonso's grid slot and Flavio Briatore kindly asked him to step a little further away.


I'm with Gatorade on this one. I'd have been upset if someone stood on my hollyoaks DVDs too lol. Seriously though it would have just added fuel to the fire had it been Lewis, so I know where you are coming from. I must defend Kimi though, he signed my autograph AND gave me a pen while Montoya just smirked at me. I don't think he's arrogant as such, just as cool as a cucumber. As for pushing marshals, I've seen many a driver do that!!!


What kimi doing in F1 is to race not to sign autographs. anyway, everyone knows that kimi doesn't living under the spotlight and he's nickname is iceman.. that's just the way he roll. lol. but its true..


Well, I couldn't have said it better so... If Kimi appears indifferent towards team and fans it's a sign of just how cool he is. When he pushes a photographer he's probably right,the sob stepped on his gear, just wait till Hamilton does that sort of thing and he'll be crucified. Doesn't really matter though does it? It's what you do on the racetrack that matters and Lewis has dealt with stupidity at Silverstone quite effectively wouldn't you say? If everybody loves you, well, where's the fun in that? Unless you Mansell of course.


I haven't seen the footage but I imagine it would be filled of 'arrogant tw@t' statements etc etc In Kimi's defence, I can't imagine how it must be on a GP weekend with everyone constantly wanting a piece of you for 72 hours. Maybe he just had enough, everyone does. Everyone reaches breaking point, as someone in the public eye it must be tenfold as you are mindful of your elevated position! When will folks on 'Answers' realise ALL F1 DRIVERS ARE ARROGANT!!!!!! They didn't get where they are with low self esteem, for god's sake!



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