I'm going to the dentisti tomorrow...?

I'm going to the dentisti tomorrow...?

I'm going to the dentisti tomorrow...?


i'd say you have a chance of getting them. cross your fingers, braces are a preview of hell! i have them... wish i didnt.


No one can make you get braces! Most dentists recommend them for just about any "imperfection", whether you need them for the health of your mouth and teeth or not. But if you are happy with your teeth, tell your parents you don't want braces. It will save them a couple thousand dollars! (Keep in mind, the dentist may find some medical reason you need them, but just "slightly crooked bottom teeth" shouldn't be one!)



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What are some words you type in to the search engine when looking for a dentist?
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Is it possible to find a dentist by their first name?
You can try Googling (without the ") "dentist John" and the name of your city.

Denist visits that involve tooth pulling?
I've had 3 teeth pulled, myself. What helped me was hearing what one dentist would say throughout the procedure. He would ask me if I was feeling pressure, or pain. There is a big difference. True, pressure is uncomfortable, but pain is another story. I still don't know what he would have...

What is the average cost to go to the dentist for a clean-up and x-rays?
I live in Dalton which is a couple of hrs away. We do things a little different in our office. The first visit is an hr with the dr, exam, exrays, oral cancer screening, and head and neck exam. That is around 150. The cleaning is about 80 more. If you are an established pt. then the cost for...

Could someone recommend a good dentist in the South London area?
Give me a town name, i might be able to help