Im looking to get teeth plants for my father.?

Im looking to get teeth plants for my father.?

Im looking to get teeth plants for my father.?


Do you mean dental implants? The price would depend on how many teeth you are getting redone. What may be a better option versus doing a individual implant for each tooth is do a bridge where you can get a few teeth of of a singular implant. or depending on the amount of teeth he has left, perhaps a over-denture with implants. They would have implants where a denture could "snap" into place be held on.



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What is the name of this procedure, when a dentist uses instrument to whitind your teeth?
I agree with poppet! The only procedure I can think of that usues instrument(s) is when you have a scale and polish! Although this is not a whitening procedure as such, for people who have a heavy build up of plaque and tartar, when it is removed it can make teeth appear whiter because they...

Is there a way that I can write a bad review on 1-800-dentist?
Yes, first say something positive,even if its about the office lobby and the state I had a small issue with, the cleaning , lack of information given about a procedure, my tooth had to be redo,several times,etc. I had three teeth pulled to make way for dentures and was given no antibiotic nor...

Dentist wants to charge $1000 for a mouth guard?
If that is all you are going to get and that is all your dentist is going to do about your TMJ then go elsewhere. Many dentists who do not know how to properly treat TMJ disorders will simply make a splint or mouthguard for the patient and that will be the extent of it. That is NOT how TMJ...

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Teeth whitners does not cause cancer. Hydrogen Peroxide,(also carbamide peroxide) one of the main ingredients in tooth whitening product found to have no negative health effects and is safe to use–says an article written by Dr. Ian Monroe, entitled, "Use of Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Tooth Whitening...

My root canal!!!?
Hi One problem is often the curve of the inside main canal of a tooth and the fact that it is very hard to extract all of the diseased pulp, and also nerve. You cannot see bacteria on an xray! Infection COULD be causing the pain rather than the nerve (not an expert). Can you get someone to...