Incapacity benefit...Advice with Dentist fees???

Incapacity benefit...Advice with Dentist fees???

Incapacity benefit...Advice with Dentist fees???


Should be free if not working or get working tax credit.


Not sure what benefits give free treatment would ask though it has to be worth a try.


i think it is only income support that entitles you to it free . and it is a nightmare to get a dentist out of hours i have tried before and had to suffer the whole weekend . sometimes if your nearby hospital has a dental unit in it they may be able to help . good luck

slkusractPrincess was on it and u still pay dentust and doc prescritption. if u get job seekers u get it free tho..silly huh?


I believe you are entitled to free dental treatment if you are in receipt of benefits, you will need to produce proof. NHS direct can help you find an NHS Dentist in your area.


Hi,she should be entitled to free treatment. She will have to ask the dentist hope she doe's qualify.Good Luck


i think you are only covered on income support, but i think you can claim the fee's back from dhss after you've paid.



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