Is a Cosmetic Dentist a Good Profession ???

Is a Cosmetic Dentist a Good Profession ???

Is a Cosmetic Dentist a Good Profession ???


Cosmetic dentists are general dentists or Prosthodontists that emphasize their care to cosmetic procedures. It is not a recognized specialty (in the U.S.). As far as dentistry as a career has been very rewarding to me. I am a general dentist. As a general dentist I get such a wide variety of cases and patients from children injuring theirs faces/mouths while playing to patients who want to improve their looks. I use everything from lasers, to scalpels as well as the traditional 'drill'. I have treated infections, diagnosed multiple cases of cancer and been able to help patients take control of their oral health. No day is boring, no case is boring...if a dentist tries to stay at the cutting edge, there are always new and better ways of treating patients. I started out similarly to what you are describing- not sure if I wanted to go into medicine or I spent many hours visiting physicians' and dentists' offices. I saw what I liked and have not regretted my decision. Invest some time into the research before you commit. Good luck!!!


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