Is Dentistry a poor money maker?

Is Dentistry a poor money maker?

Is Dentistry a poor money maker?


If she had tried to stop you from becoming an actress, athlete or other job that requires far more luck than hard work to become financially successful, I'd say she was right to block your way. If all she cares about is you making money, pay for school yourself and cut her off. In that case, she would be dead wrong and should definitely not stop you from pursuing your career. But first you want to understand what is her real motivation in stopping you... You should be mindful that becoming a licensed doctor or dentist is a long and hard process. Your mother may also not think you have what it takes to do that for the rest of your life. You won't work on Hollywood stars- you will work on people with awful teeth and terrible breath. Don't forget the scared and screaming kids. Ask a few dentists to take the time to tell you more about their careers and answer questions you have. Visit the website of a dental school and see what you will be studying for the next several years. Another money factor: medical professionals do have substantial insurance premiums that cut deeply into their revenue. If you own (or are a partner of) your own practice, you may make more than working for someone else- of course you have to buy all your own equipment and successfully manage a business. I'm a big fan of family dentists. I do wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose. PS- you probably aren't 95% sure. I assume you just tossed that number in to make it sound like you're serious, which I don't doubt- you're doing your homework which is something many young people do not. I'm a scientist and the appearance of fake statistics is a red flag for me- just please don't use them :-)


Dentistry (like a lot of professions) has a large start up cost. The years of dental college heap up a big bill, then if you want to start your own practice, it takes a lot of money to start from scratch. Some dentists work in group practices or clinics to start, as they get on their feet. Once you are up and rolling, the money is good. Beginning dentists may start around $90,000 - $100,000, but depending on your ambition, there are dentists that triple that and more per year, especially the specialists, like the orthodontists, the oral surgeons, and the root canal doctors and the cosmetic dentists, they make even much more than that. So dentistry, like any profession you pick, will be as costly up front, and as profitable afterwards, as your ambition and work ethic allow for. It is true that dentists get to pick their hours, have as much family time as they like, spend their days helping people, and is a fun job, although a lot of people not interested in dentistry would not think it would be fun.


The pay is probably an average after deductions and expenses. There is the price of office space, equipment, malpractice insurance, etc. All these take a bundle of what the dentist receives. Add to that the cost of paying for an assistant, etc. Dentists do make a bundle but they have major overhead, too. Anyway, what does your family do that 98,000 is a measly salary? What does your mom want you to be? Anyway, count yourself lucky if you can get into dental school at all.


Trust me, dentists DO make a decent living. They rarely do charity work of any kind. They are extremely expensive and the only way to get affordable dental care is to either have "pay-through your nose insurance" (which I don't have) or to go to the dental school (somehow, even though I start calling at 6 a.m., they're STILL booked!). Dentists make plenty of money. Remember this: dentists are doctors who specialize in teeth. The more a doctor specializes in a field, the more money he or she stands to make. Podiatry makes a lot of money, as well.


Well as far as I know dentist need a score high enough to get into medical school in Australia and they charge a heap at the private practices here they make heaps of money


I think dentsist make heaps n heaps of money!!! cos i went their just 4 a filling and a cap n it cost $500 dollars (for about 20 minutes!) think about it... but i dont no cos my friends friend worked at dentist for school holidays n made 21grand jst like that but she only got a dollar of it cos her account got stolen n she cried =[ saddd*tears


Did yr mum say a Mercedes car or the new Airbus A380?



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