Is dentistry the best career choice for me?

Is dentistry the best career choice for me?

Is dentistry the best career choice for me?


You should totally rethink your career choice. Speaking with my dentist yesterday and he feels with the new health care bill he will be out of business in 2 yrs. There will be no dental insurance to pay your fees.



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Baby dentist?
Technically, they like to see your baby when their first tooth appears, but they need to be seen by their 1st birthday. At that visit, they'll tell you how often your child needs to be seen because it really depends on your child's individual dental hygiene. If they see that his/her teeth are...

Pomeranian Dental Care?
doggie dentist never heard of that before. i would just take him to the vet and get plaque removal done or his teeth may be decaying so they may need to be pulled out. decaying teeth has a very rotten smell also you can buy a dog tooth brush and toothpaste and try that. good luck

Is this the right way to go to get a good paying job while going to school to become a dentist?
No because there are very few dental hygiene jobs available during this recession in the USA. Also you could only work through a dental temp agency and there are usually not too many temp hygiene jobs available during january. During the summer there are a few openings but not something you...

New York sedation dentistry - finding New York sedation dentistry for children?
It is generally recommended that a check up by the child’s medical doctor be completed prior to any work being performed. The staff at any New York sedation dentistry clinic are highly trained in dealing with children that have extreme anxiety. They are experts at easing the child’s fear as...

Crowns or veneer - Dentists what would you choose for yourself?
I would say veneers but MAKE SURE the doctor has experience dong them. I work with a dds who's veneers look amazing, you can't even tell the patient has veneers. I say veneers because it requires less removal of tooth structure and would look more natural. Also ask your dds these questions...