Is it safe to get a cavity filled when pregnant?

Is it safe to get a cavity filled when pregnant?

Is it safe to get a cavity filled when pregnant?


It probably is safe, just make sure you let the dentist know you are pregnant. He knows best.


You have to tell your dentist you're pregnant. It will make a difference on what medication he gives you.


Let the dentist know ur pregnant... but it should be fine aslong as they're not doing an xray and ur not needing to take antibiotics. But double check with the dentist first!!!


you should wait until you are out of the first trimester, i asked that exact question to my dentist and she said not until after the first trimester




It is very safe to do it. Just make sure the dentist knows and make sure to get a letter from your ob/gyn stating what medicines/antibiotics are allowed. Make sure they put 2 vests on for any x-rays that may accompany your filling. They say it's perfectly safe with one, but just be on the safe side. I had to have a root canal 6 months pregnant! Everything was safe so don't worry..stress would be more of an enemy to your pregnancy than a cavity filling. Good luck!



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