Is it safe to go to dentist during pregnancy?

Is it safe to go to dentist during pregnancy?

Is it safe to go to dentist during pregnancy?


yes, but your mouth is very sensitive so it might be uncomfortable.


yes but depending on your doc some will not do it


Make sure they know you are pregnant before you get any x-rays.


It's HIGHLY reccomended to go to the dentist while pregnant. Tooth problems can cause all kinds of issues with an unborn fetus and the pregnancy. I've had my teeth cleaned twice so far with this pregnancy and I've also had sealants applied. My dentist actually knew I was pregnant before I did, just by looking at my gums and teeth.


Yes, going to the dentist is actually encouraged while your pregnant. A lot of woman develop pregnancy gingivitis due do hormones and gingivitis can lead to pre-term labor. Also I got a cavity filled while I was pregnant my dentist said it was completely safe. Hope this helps


It's not only safe to go to the dentist while pregnant, it's recommended. Go ahead.



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