Is it safe to have a dentist (not oral surgeon) remove an impacted wisdom tooth?

Is it safe to have a dentist (not oral surgeon) remove an impacted wisdom tooth?

Is it safe to have a dentist (not oral surgeon) remove an impacted wisdom tooth?


It depends on the shape of the root of the wisdom tooth and the roots of the teeth next to it. The bigger and wider the root - makes a bigger operation. Your dentist will take an x-ray, then may refer you to an oral surgeon after all.


I would see an oral surgeon. If the general dentist runs into trouble (i.e. the tooth fractures) would you be AWAKE through this? Better to be put under(anesthesia) , have a specialist do the work and be worry free and well taken care of.


i have heard of dentists doing emergency wisdom teeth extractions. but normally dentists refer you to an oral surgeon if it isnt an emergency, just because it is a surgery and oral surgeons have all that you need and more and are used to this process. if you arent in extreme pain, and would feel more comfortable at an oral surgeon then just go to one!


Well I paid dental insurance for years. When I needed it to have my wisdom teeth out he said it was classed as a surgical procedure and I would not be covered. So I had to go to private hospital and had all 4 out ! cost ?2000 . I had general anaesthetic and stitches afterwards. Is he gonna do all that under a local anaesthetic?


I guess it's ok, but it should really be done by a surgeon having your wisdom tooth removed is like a big job to be done, i've had both mine extracted and it was the worst pain EVER!


If it is a lower wisdom tooth, you should have an oral surgeon remove it because there is a nerve that runs along your lower jaw. If he cuts this nerve, you will not have any feeling on that side of your face. If you have more than one wisdom tooth you should go to an oral surgeon because he can extract them all in about 15 minutes.


My son had two out after an x-ray revealed they could not be taken out safely without a hospital anaesthetic, i would be a bit worried about the dentist doing it, not because i don't think the dentist is up to it, but it is obviously a big job and better done by an oral surgeon, plus dentists may not have the time to comfortably do it


I agree with guillem, especially if it in impacted... you cranial nerves run through your face in the area close to your jaw and wisdom teeth, especially if your wisdom teeth are impacted, or lying close to that nerve, if the person removing them hits that nerve you can have damage to that nerve and facial paralysis... which you don't want i'm sure. Go to an oral surgeon.. not that a dentist doesn't know what s/he is doing but the surgeon is more experienced with this specific task.


My Son had an Impacted Wisdom tooth and the Dentist couldn't get it out without breaking his Jaw so he had to go to Hospital to have it out



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