Is it worth it to move to Pennsylvania? Will I still have to be a nurse?

Is it worth it to move to Pennsylvania? Will I still have to be a nurse?

Is it worth it to move to Pennsylvania? Will I still have to be a nurse?


All of those other jobs are viable, you will have a chance to consider options when you go to college. As for moving to PA, there are obvious positives (which you mention), but there are also plenty of things about leaving a metropolitan area which aren't positive. Its a trade off.


All your job options are viable, as long as you work your butt off in school and network to get jobs. If you don't want to be a nurse, you probably won't get into nursing school anyway. If you did manage to get into nursing school, you would be miserable the entire time and you would hate your job. That's not worth it to be giving your parents half your income. At some point, you need to live *your* life. Research the jobs you want, check out the job market, and see if you can realistically do it. You can eventually make a budget where you help your parents out, but your health and safety should be first. I know that in some cultures, children are expected to care for their parents past a certain age, but you have to let yourself get to a place where you are stable before you can offer that.



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