Is my university education plan possible with ROTC?

Is my university education plan possible with ROTC?

Is my university education plan possible with ROTC?


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Cosmetic dentistry to fix crooked teeth?
I don't know if you could use cosmetic denistry for that. Usually it is just for damaged teeth, not crooked. But you can look into getting those invisalign braces (they are really clear retainers) and wear those. My friend had them a few years ago and you couldn't notice them at all. those...

Are dental records stored in a central place by dentists? One hears of identifying dead people by dental?
dental records are stored in the file room of the dentist's office that the person in question go to.if police need the dental records they go to the current dentist the person was seeing and request they're dental records...had this happen in my office:(

Where to find an affordable dental care in Atlanta,GA?
The Ben Massell Clinic and their staff of volunteer dentists, provides low income people with dental care. Google the organization and pull up their website to see if you qualify. At the very least, you might call them to see if they can refer to a facility you can afford. They are located...

I want 2 be a pediatrician but i'm also considering dentistry, is dentistry as respectable as pediatrics?
I think both are very respectable. Why not be a pediatric dentist?You have to consider that when you are in the pediatric field that you have two patients, the patient and the parents. One or the other can be difficult but both can sometimes be horrible!

Is it difficult to get into the UNC School of Dentistry?
Its the same as in getting into other schools