Is Ron Paul a Racist or not?

Is Ron Paul a Racist or not?

Is Ron Paul a Racist or not?


No, Ron Paul is not a racist. Anyone who challenges the FED and the military industrial complex as Ron Paul has done will somehow be discredited. Accusations of insanity and racism are commonly used against Ron Paul but they are 100% USDA Grade AAA BS.


"Even hearing him say how he only dates white girls and won't date any other race" I've always wondered why this is considered racist ONLY for White people? If a black, brown, red, yellow, etc, man or woman says they will only date people that are the same race as them they aren't even looked at sideways.


Ron Paul has slaves.


No. He supported the Civil Rights legislation in all but one area: govt empowered to shut down businesses. As to the little news letter he published, he didn't write the comments that have been so often attributed to him. And there were exactly 2... count'm, TWO such comments. None before. None after. .


Ron Paul knows there are racists in the Republican Party and has chosen to not rebuke them. So, even if he is not saying racist things he is complicit with the behavior of racists.


Noam Chomsky: “If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.”


My guess is that he definately was, but is not now.


This may be hard for you to accept but all you have been told by the official sources for all of your young life is a lie. Notice how the media and your professor tells you that "there is no race! only bigots think so!" and then they call for all kinds of privileges for blacks (like affirmative action to beat out more deserving whites) or the right to break the law for mexicans (live in America as an illegal scammer) because of their race. It takes several years after college for most people to become completely aware and free of the brainwashing they have endured through public school and film industries for their entire life. A man can date his own race if he wants and that has been the norm for almost all of mankind's history. Notice how whites are never angry about having that kind of restrictions? That's because we are happy being white and we don't feel like we need to upgrade our gene pool by burning coal or drilling oil (creating dark children). Only non-whites are angry about this dating thing because they lust after our women and they try to get their dark hands on them by crying racism. The dynamic is different for non-white women wanting white men because men are the pursuers and women cannot realistically force themselves on men. The founding fathers were racist- they built America for whites, they were whites and America is still maintained by whites. If we lose the white majority, we lose America because black haired, dark skinned people will run it to the ground because of their less complex brains and different outlooks. - Think about it- all the great things you see in America are there because of white people like Ron Paul. The dirtiest, filthiest cities (Detroit) and states (Missisippi) in America are booming with non-whites. If you are not racist, you are not an original american but rather something else.


Ronald Ernest Paul MD USAF . honesty compassion intelligence guts . Not a Racist Willard Mitt Romney . Temple of Latter-day Saints LDS Mormon . Yes a Racist President Barack Hussein Obama II . mixed race half white . ambiguous Rabbi Ovadia Yosef . Chief Rabbi of Israel . Yes a Real Racist



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