Is tea harmful or beneficial?Some people told me it affects the liver. Please answer!!!?

Is tea harmful or beneficial?Some people told me it affects the liver. Please answer!!!?

Is tea harmful or beneficial?Some people told me it affects the liver. Please answer!!!?


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a nice cuppa has no effect on the liver in fact tea is much better to have daily than coffee


Caffeine is not often found to have significant health benefits, but this may be the case with liver disease. A new study (May 2004) has found a link between caffeine intake and a reduced incidence of liver damage. The study examined nearly 6,000 people who were considered to be at high risk for developing liver disease from excessive drinking, hepatitis, obesity or other factors known to effect the liver's functioning. During the course of the study, the subjects reported how much coffee, tea or caffeinated soft drinks they consumed. Those who drank larger quantities of caffinated drinks were less likely to develop liver disease. The mechanism for this protection is not known at this time, though it is speculated that the caffeine blocks a receptor in the liver and may have protective properties. This is with any caffeinated product, not just tea. Green tea is very good for you.


It'll depend on how strong you like your tea, on how much you drink, how your health is, and the other things you do in your life. Tea does contain antioxidants and they help to soak up other substances that can damage your health. But it also contains caffein, and if you take too much of that, it can lead to caffeinism (which is bad for you), and if you don't drink enough water (e.g. if your tea is very strong and you don't drink straight water during the day) you'll get a bit dehydrated (which is also bad for you). if caffein does have an effect on your liver, wether or not that will be of benefit to you may depend to some extent on what your liver needs to do. The livers of people in different satates of health, or on different medications may need to do different things. I'm speaking generally, not trying to be vague. The answers to simple questions like this can sometimes be very complex, and they may depend to some extent on the individual. Doctors are the people who need to weigh up all the facts and find practical answers for the independent patients they know. The science, quantity, concentration, your individual state of health, your life style. Ask someone who knows all those things. Ask your doctor. Ash


Green tea has antioxidants in it which promote health. Black tea contains tannins which discolor teeth. I don't know how either kind affects the liver. Any tea in moderation is fine. It's when consumption becomes excessive that you will have problems.



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