Is there someone i can report this to?

Is there someone i can report this to?

Is there someone i can report this to?



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Best dentist in Greensboro,NC?
Here is a local site that lists lots of dentists in the Greensboro area and one that offers a great report and free initial consultation. Hope this helps.

My tooth fall out, if i superglue it back is it ok cuz i dont wanna go to dentist?
ok im a doctor and here id my answer. Doctors may squirt your damaged tooth with the medical version of the stuff called Dermabond, sold by Johnson & Johnson and approved by the FDA to close wounds.The business end of the sticky stuff is cyanoacrylate, the key chemical in Super Glue and Krazy...

Do dentists have tools?
Well, moving one tooth is going to cause the movement of the rest of the teeth because the tooth needs space to be pushed back in to. You may not need to get braces, but there are retainers that align teeth just as well as braces do. So speak to your dentist and look at your options.

Free dentist?
Dentists cannot work like doctors. Doctors go to medical school and dentists go to parasite school

Career of a Dentist?
Dentists earning a lot of money can sometimes by a misconception. Dentists, especially during the first 10 years, are mainly in debt up to their eyeballs. They have to go WAY in debt just to do the schooling, and then MORE in debt to buy the equipment and building and employees and supplies...