Is there someone i can report this to?

Is there someone i can report this to?

Is there someone i can report this to?



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I have a cold, can I go to the dentist?
Contact the dentist first and see what they can do to help. Take benedryl or a zyrtec or both about an hour before you go in. That'll reduce the irritation in your throat and the swelling in your nose and reduce coughing. Ask your doctor about taking a double dose of guaffenisin (active ingredient...

Can you find a dentist who accepts state rates under Massachusetts chapter 115?
I dont think anyone understands your question. If you do not have dental insurance and you need your teeth cleaned visit one of the many dental clinics (college, student clean your teeth) in mass. Cape cod community college, Mount Ida probably has one, Mass college of pharmacy (forsyth institute...

Ever wondered if your dr., dentist, attorney, etc...partied alot in college & may not know all they should?
It's a fact that there are incompetent professionals out there who can really do some damage to their clients because of their incompetence. Why are they in such high positions of responsibility despite their incompetence? That's a really important question. You hit on some of the answers....

What can I expect with porcelain veneers?
veneers can cost $1,000 + per tooth depending on who does them, and the brand they use. the procedure is not painful, although may cause some sensitivity, because the dentist will grind into your teeth to attached the crown. keep in mind that veneers are something that you will have to maintain...

Have you ever heard of these laws..................?
I would just like to say, for those of us in 'sota, teasing skunks is really not a good idea. Good thing they outlawed it.