Las vegas area cosmetic dentist?

Las vegas area cosmetic dentist?

Las vegas area cosmetic dentist?



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hey im wearing invisalign and i think it's much better than metal braces. i did have to get shaved once between two teeth. not everyone gets shaved. my sister and mother didn't need any shaving. basically, when they predict the movement of your teeth, if they need space for the teeth to...

What colleges in New York have pre dentistry?
SUNY College--Oneonta Rochester Institute of Technology Clarkson University College of Mount Saint Vincent City College of the City University of New York Elmira College Fordham U Hobart and William Smith Colleges Hofstra University Le Moyne College Molloy College Nazareth College of Rochester...

Anyone know any dentists email adress i need one for a school project so i can ask him/her some questions?
Why not try calling a local dentist and tell them their situation. (: That way you could ask them a few questions (:

What is that white thing at dentist!?
The little blue light is called a "curing lamp/light" and it's used to bond restoratives to a tooth surface. I'm assuming you had a filling or sealant? That light helps the filling adhere to the surface of your tooth by forcing the light & heat onto the treatment area. Neat huh? Keep smiling...

Does anyone know where we can find a cheap dentist office?
No dentist works on payment plans as patients tend to do treatment and then disappear, so rather go to a state clinic