Lateral thinking or some thing similar - LOL?

Lateral thinking or some thing similar - LOL?

Lateral thinking or some thing similar - LOL?


Excellent as usual...


Bonus is good


Interesting play on words but I think content is more suitable for adults.


Oh God That Gotta Hurttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt lmaooooooooo LOL


very funny


Lol! very funny


hey funny man, I like the Valentines day one its great got all the days listed......copy plz.


Yea.....thats true, if we start taking things serious, especially as you have put accross your joke, one would bound to waste lot of hormones on daily basis, just good for nothing !!! Your next one is simply great and Congratulations for the superb presentation with an informative ending !!! Bonus is Bonus !!! -- But that was also none the way less than others !!! I liked All of them and enjoyed !


Loved the additional joke...very funny..hehehe U


when the washerman says madam remove the clothes i am coming



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