Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?

Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?

Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?


most dentists, in a yellow pages phone book, will take you as a emergency visit. even if you are not a regular patient. just tell him/her that you have a dental emergency.


You can find the best dental services in Miami, where they offer best state of art facilities for most common to complicated dental treatments.



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Root Canal or Extraction?
It depends is this an adult tooth or not? If not, then extraction. If it is an adult tooth then the better choice is root canal. Why? Because root canal allows you to "save" the tooth. As for what to expect. A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the mouth , then the dentist/endodontist...

I had my daughter in may and I still cant find a dentist to accept my medicaid is there one around that will?
HI, your case-worker should have provided you with a list of dentists that participate with Medicaid.. ask him/her about it. Also, your ob/gyn and/or pediatrician may know of some... Best of luck.

Can someone explain fillings?
The first thing the Dr will do is get you numb. Sometimes getting numb isn't even necessary (depending on the size and tooth surface of the decay). Once you're numb the procedure will go very quickly. The Dr will use the handpiece(drill) to remove the decay, then he will place a...

Teeth extraction?
You don't mention how old you are, and which tooth. It all matters. Baby teeth have no roots, therefore, the extraction is very very simple and painless, the worse is the pinch for about 2 seconds from the lidocaine injection. If this is an adult tooth, with no cavity's, then, again, no pain...

Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?
First of all let me start by saying that there is no dental specialty is cosmetics or aesthetics. If you want to do cosmetic dentistry you will have to begin by going to dental school and getting a degree in dentistry and go on to become a general dentist. While a general dentist you can...