Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?

Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?

Looking For a 24 hour dentist in Miami?


most dentists, in a yellow pages phone book, will take you as a emergency visit. even if you are not a regular patient. just tell him/her that you have a dental emergency.


You can find the best dental services in Miami, where they offer best state of art facilities for most common to complicated dental treatments.



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I desperately need a dentist, but I have no insurance - North Las Vegas?
If you're close to the University of Nevada (link to the dental school is below), then contact them to be a patient to their dental students. It's very inexpensive, but time consuming....as they're just learning and have to have each step of the procedures evaluated by an instructor. Or call...

Free or Low Cost Dentist in Missouri/Kansas?
UMKC has a dental school, they're like half price of a normal dentist or a bit less. Free clinics generally only offer really basic dental services (simple fillings, extractions and cleanings) and will probably have an income limit for patients based on family size. In Kansas City there's KC...

Charades game IDEAS?
wow your ideas are great! here are some suggestions: a celebrity category: paris hilton donald trump hannah montana ellen degeneres nicole richie lindsay lohan britney spears (bring a razor for this one!) judge judy dr. phil tyra banks tv: friends desperate houswives americas next top model...

Dentist app tomorrow? Cost? Help?
dentist i goto (DR BRILL GREAT GUY LOS MALMOS NEW MEXICO) has a Candy-Trade-In program, if you bring him 5 LB candy to keep the teeth on the streets clean hell give you one filling or pull. dentists' near you should have this. if you have to pay its 28 bucks APPROXIMATE. the pains pretty bad

A dentist except medicare for a form of payment?
Medicare has not been offering dental benefits for years. However, I noticed in my plan it does beginning this year offer limited dental services. Check your insurance plan under Medicare.