Looking for a good dentist in highlands ranch colorado area please?

Looking for a good dentist in highlands ranch colorado area please?

Looking for a good dentist in highlands ranch colorado area please?


Dr. Burger at Highlands Dental was recommended to me by neighbors. I certainly have no complaints.



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What to do now with chipped tooth of my 3yr old daughter?
First you need to see ur local dentist. Prefer a peds office because they specialize in children, Make sure u make a time that is best with your childs schedule. Hence not nap time!!! Your dentist will most likly take a small xray that will see if it cracked down to the nerve. If not these...

Any suggestions for a GOOD dentist who is HONEST in the lower Bucks County (PA) area? My current (see below)?
Go to yelp.com and search "dentist" in a city in PA near you. Here's a link to a search I did in Philadelphia: http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=den...

What dentists in the Austin/Round Rock area serve people with medicaid, disability (SSI), or low incomes?
If Colorado is like most states, Medicaid does not pay for dental services except for children. There is no government charity for dental work no matter how low your income. Medicaid is enough of a subsidy for the government to have to pay. You have to locate a health clinic that offers low...

What is a good dentistry college/universiry and how much money does it take per semester/year?
You will not be specializing in dentistry until the graduate level. At the undergrad level you can major in anything you want, but declare yourself pre-dentistry so you can take the required courses: biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics. Some schools have additional requirements so...

How much does a dentist earns who works in a hospital or someones clinic in canada?
Comparison of Dentist Salaries across Canada According to figures reported in March 2011 by salary tracking site PayScale, Ontario dentists in the middle 50 percent have a salary range from $87,077 to $121,356. PayScale reports figures between the 25th and 75th percentile of respondents to...