Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?

Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?

Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?


Go to their website, www.aetna.com, it will allow u to pull up dentist under,"find a doctor." I have Aetna insurance and that how I found my dentist and orthodontist.



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How to find a good dentist / prosthodontist to do a GOLD INLAY?
Gold inlay.. Hm... I advice you to say away from it as it can ked to infection in future..

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There were calls to have a government agency to "wage peace" as early as World War I. President Kennedy was the first to put the idea into law, but it wasn't original with him. Although the site says you have to be 18, in reality you have to have a skill a host country has asked for, and they...

Dentist in Berlin,Germany?
It appears that the U.S. Embassy and another organization has a listing of English-speaking doctors and dentists. I have included the information and links below. (I'm a Social Worker) "Dentists & Doctors The Berlin tourist office in the Europa Center keeps a list of English-speaking dentists...

Dentist or Dentist Hygienist?
Okay, let me see if I can help you sort this out. A dental hygienist works in a dentist's office, but he or she usually has separate responsibilities. The hygienist does the cleanings, both regular cleanings and (depending on the office) so-called "deep cleanings" -- root planing and scaling...

I need to know the advantages and disadvantages of copper plating in restorative dentistry... please help...?
Copper plating makes a more durable die and "keeps the lab honest." I gave up copper plating about 5 or 6 years ago when it became difficult to locate a supplier for the metalizing solution or powder. Not having a bath of copper sulfate in the office is one less OSHA concern, anyway. It...