Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?

Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?

Looking for Aetna Dentist in the NE Phila. Area?


Go to their website, www.aetna.com, it will allow u to pull up dentist under,"find a doctor." I have Aetna insurance and that how I found my dentist and orthodontist.



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Syracuse/central ny dentists?
Traci Williams, on Electronics Pkwy.

Prices for teeth whitening.......?
I drink way too much coffee and started to get stressed out when they weren't as white anymore. I was going to go the dentist to have him do it but it was ridiculously expensive. So I looked for forever and I finally found a kit that's just like the one the dentist uses with the mold and injection...

I live in florida and need braces but i have medicaid any one no a orthodontist that takes it??=]?
you'll need a referal from a medicaid dentist. I know there is a medicaid orthodontist in Orlando and another in Coral Springs.

Anybody knows any good jaw surgeons in La Jolla, San Diego, California?
Dr. David Eshom, who has a practice in the UTC area, should be able to point you in a good direction. He has been practicing here since he graduated back in the mid to late 80's. He's been our family dentist since then, when he worked with and then took over our previous dentist's practice...

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Sounds psychosomatic, basically your brain can tell you to feel all kinds of symptoms, quite a few people with anxiety feel 'pressure' and the burning's probably all in your mind. I used to get a weird feeling like my heart was 'hurting', I thought it was a heart attack. I developed it after...