Looking for College that will fulfill Dentistry needs in NC?

Looking for College that will fulfill Dentistry needs in NC?

Looking for College that will fulfill Dentistry needs in NC?


You heard correctly. UNC-CH has the only dental school in NC that awards a DDS (i.e. you'll be a dentist and not a dental hygienist or dental assistant, other schools offer only degrees or certifications for hygienist or assistant like NCSU). It has been proposed that East Carolina University should build a dentistry school to complement UNC's (and offer access to eastern NC residents) but right now it's just an idea.


You can go to both schools. You can go to NCSU for a bachelor's degree and UNCC for dental school. Just to help you out a little. First, you cannot graduate from High school and go straight to dental school. You must first obtain a bachelor's degree and then go to dental school. Community colleges offers Associate degrees not bachelor's degree. You will have to go a four year school for that. I never heard of a bachelor's degree in dentistry but for your undergrad (bachelor's degree) you can major in pre-med, biology etc. As Shay said, before you pick a major at NCSU, you should contact UNCC school of dentistry at the beginning of your senior year of high school and ask them what should you major in undergrad in order to get accepted into the dental program. Ask UNCC dental school to send you information (brochures) of their program. A former classmate of mine went to dental school in Tennessee and it took her 4 years after her bachelor's degree so you are looking at 8 years of schooling which includes bachelor's degree and denistry degree. You can do it, keep your dream. Continue to study hard and it will pay off.



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