Looking for dentist in albany ny..?

Looking for dentist in albany ny..?

Looking for dentist in albany ny..?



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How will the 10% Medical/Medicaid cuts affect Dentistry and pharmacy? In regards to owning your own practice?
Look at the CA pharmacy/dentistry societies newsletters. From what I have heard, a number of CA pharmacies have stopped accepting Medi-Cal.

Can I sue my ex he physically assaulted me and caused major injury?
yes you can sure.. and you don't have to have a lawyer what you need to do is go see or talk to the district attorney.. this is what I had to do and my ex got a year in jail and had to pay my medical bills and he had to pay me for pain and suffering .. the is a time limit for making reports...

I need some help with this chemistry plzz?
OMG U PPL DONT KNOW ANYTHING. of course, the whole thing makes ice. dry ice. your teacher is trying to trick u. i swear, that happens to pretty much every school. live with it

What qualifications do i need to become a cosmetic dentist?
You need to qualify as a dentist first and that will require almost the same entry for medicine. Which is three A Levels at A grade in the hard subjects, which is the sciences, biology and maths or physics, Then you need to have a good personal CV which will show you as a good people person...

Can you get your dental work done at a dentist training college, if so how does it all work n cost and does an
Try looking on their website: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/dental/nhs_trust.... No idea about what they can do, you'll have to ask them.