Looking for Seattle dentist that uses general anesthesia for wisdom teeth extraction?

Looking for Seattle dentist that uses general anesthesia for wisdom teeth extraction?

Looking for Seattle dentist that uses general anesthesia for wisdom teeth extraction?


There are three levels of anesthesia that can be used for wisdom teeth extraction--local (DON'T do it!!! For regular teeth, it's okay, for wisdom teeth--these are much more difficult), twilight (most common), and general (can do this, but way more expensive). The twilight sedation is put in through an IV the oral surgeon's nurse will put in your arm (in the dental chair) while you are awake--the thing is, with twilight sedation, is that you are asleep--won't know what's going on while the teeth are being pulled--but you will have a much easier time coming off of the anesthetic (I was wheeled to the car in a wheelchair within minutes). The entire procedure can be done in the office--in 2-3 hours. General anesthesia requires a lot more prep--you've got the pre-physical by your physician, an anesthesia physical by the anesthesiologist, etc. You are put to sleep--which is what you want, and won't remember anything, although there are the potential for more complications (nausea, vomiting, etc.) and you'll need to be monitored by nursing staff for at least an hour or two before going home. Entire process can take 5-6 hours. Make sure you know what your insurance will cover. I have clients (adults with developmental disabilities) who have GA when they have extensive dental work to be done--x-rays, cleanings, etc. are all done at once (due to cooperation etc.)--and they are seen every 18 months. I don't like to have them go through this unless it is absolutely necessary for their safety/well-being.



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