Majors for Dentistry?

Majors for Dentistry?

Majors for Dentistry?



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Need to find a good dentist in NYC area... that accepts HealthFirst insurance.?
If you contact your health care provider they can recommend one for you that is within your network. Once you have a list of dentist, then you can ask around to see how they are.

Preschool arts and crafts (see below)?
You could make a doctor's bag: Fold a piece of black construction paper in half and then round off the corners with some scissors. Cut out black construction paper handles and tape them to the top of your "bag" (the open ends of the folded paper). Then the kids can open up their bags and glue...

Don't put any references on your resume, if a potential employer wants to see them, they will ask for them. However, for a references list, you usually put their name, occupation, contact information, and relationship to you, friend, co-worker, supervisor, etc.

Is there an afforable dentist or anywhere I can receive dental work for an extreme case?
Look to see if there is a dental school in your area. I believe they have their students do work (supervised, of course) for a low fee. You would have to call them to see if they still do that. Good luck.