Mini implants to secure dentures?

Mini implants to secure dentures?

Mini implants to secure dentures?



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Why is local anesthetic in dentistry given to children according to their weight?
Actually, I feel there is hardly any such rule at least practically speaking. During all these 25 years, I have hardly given this thing any thought. Only thing I have done is just given local anesthetic in just right amount to cause numbness to carry out any dental procedure painlessly. I dont...

Which English city? Is London really so much more expensive than other cities?
Although it is true that London is an expensive city, most people who work here get what is called London Weighting Allowance. This is an addition payment to salary, something in the region of ?2,000 plus a year or more, to help compensate for the higher cost of living. The link below will...

Takeing your kids to the dentist?
Unless I personally know the reception staff and know that they have the time/resources to watch my kids, there's no way I'd leave them out in a waiting room by themselves, even now at 7 & 9. Too much could happen during that time. If I were you, I'd reschedule the appointment. ETA: The children's...

Question on Cosmetic Dentistry?
You have to obtain your dental degree first (either DDS or DMD). They you would take many post graduate courses in cosmetic dentistry and if you so wished could limit most of your practice to this specific area. There is no recognized specialty by the American Dental Association, in cosmetic...

Orthodontist in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)?
- Koseidai Dental Office - Saigon Tower, 29 Le Duan St., District 1 Ho Chi Minh City- Tel: (848) 823-5918 There 7 dentists there: 6 Japanese and 1 Vietnamese...all trained in Japan. - Grand Dentistry- Sun Wah Tower - 116 Nguyen Hue Blvd., Distr. 1, HCMC.