My dentist said I need a root canal and it will be $2,600! Any idea how to get this on the cheap?

My dentist said I need a root canal and it will be $2,600! Any idea how to get this on the cheap?

My dentist said I need a root canal and it will be $2,600! Any idea how to get this on the cheap?


A root canal doesnt cost this much. Either they think you look like a total idiot and are taking advantage of you, or you misunderstood something. A root canal on average costs about $500. Someone mentioned going to a dental school to get it done cheaper. Thats probably the best suggestion.


Unfortunately, root canals are going to be expensive, they're a tough procedure to do. Root canals are more expensive the further back in the mouth you go because there are more roots to clean out, they tend to have the curves to them and they are hard to reach. $2,600 sounds like a lot for just the root canal. Are the including the crown you'll need in that cost?


In the long run root canals are a total waste of money. Almost everyone I talk to that has had a root canal they end up in a few years having to have the tooth pulled because it either develops an abscess or breaks apart. It is less expensive to have it pulled and replaced with a new insert. Dentists love root canals because they can make so much money from them knowing that you will have to come back later to have it pulled. Today they have permanent replacements that look like real teeth. If you are insistent to have the root canal go to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico just south of McAllen, Texas they have excellent dentists there that are much less expensive.


That fee MUST include the post and crown to follow the root canal. If it doesn't, you can get it "on the cheap" by going to almost any other dentist in town.


If you live in a border state, cross the border into Mexico and go to the best dentist you can find. Some might even accept U.S. insurance. I know for a fact some doctors do.


wow i've got to tell you, i've had two root canals, and two caps put on..and the root canals only cost me about $650 a peice, maybe you should check around your area for a different dentist.


I hate to tell you but that is REALLY expensive. Mine cost $850 last year. That was for one tooth and a semi-permanent filing (not the crappie thing they put in when you are getting a crown immediately!). You should call around!


I got one in India for 70-100 USD but just get a better insurance or go to another doctor


With this money you can come to India, get your teeth repaired and do sight seeing. But mind you , hotels in India are disproportionately expensive.



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