Need advice about dentistry?

Need advice about dentistry?

Need advice about dentistry?


Ozone treatment will make sense for you, only if they do something to build up your enamel right away. Ozone simply stops infection, it does not (directly) cause new enamel to form.


Ozone treatment should only be considered in acute infections such as staff which is resistant to normal therapy. The best resolve for tooth decay is to have the fillings done promptly and using proper oral care in the future. Brush your teeth thoroughly, use floss and interproximal brushes at least twice a day to prevent further decay. Have your teeth cleaned by a dentist or hygienist every 6 months and you will still have a beautiful smile when you are way beyond 30.



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alot of dental schools or schools that have dental clinics like universitys and colleges, will treat you for low cost/free and they have payment plans also.

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This is going to seem like an odd question, but do you have silver dental fillings? EDIT: OK, I asked about silver dental fillings because these contain mercury. Mercury is a very powerful endocrine disruptor. The medical and dental professions are ignorant of the dangers of mercury, and deny...

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I forget the name of the dentist but they are located in Fairlane Mall. I once had a crown fall off on a Sunday. They were the only place I could find that was open. They did a good job and cemented the crown back in place. I'm pretty sure they are the only dental practice in Fairlane Mall...

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Hi Jon, I'm sorry you are having this problem. Don't let the anxiety get the best of you. If you don't have a fever, don't have swelling and don't feel sick, it is probably ok to wait until tomorrow to see the dentist. Then, after looking and checking your mouth, he will tell you what is going...