Need help with military benefits/tricare prime and enrollement?

Need help with military benefits/tricare prime and enrollement?

Need help with military benefits/tricare prime and enrollement?


The good news is that you have had some coverage since your husband entered active duty. Everything depends on where you are looking at getting treated. Hill Air Force Base should be able to provide you with direct care. They should also be able to direct you to the right place to get TRICARE set up to save you the 30 minute drive.


Drive straight to the DEERS Office at Hill AFB. If they cannot sign you up on the spot they will direct you to a tricare office on base that can. SFC US Army Retired


You need to go to the TRICARE office on your nearest base. it is usually by the hospital. I bet that if you call the hospital and listen to the automated menu..Tricare will come up. You can fill out the paperwork there (they will be more thn happy to help you) and then turn it in. it takes a month, there is no way around that. Once you are enrolled, they will send you a letter with the name of your PCM. You can then call the hospital and make an appt. You do not have Dental Insurance. that must be paid for separately through United Concordia. You have to see an off-base dentist and co-pays and deductibles apply. It's not great insurnce but every little bit helps. They pay 100% for cleaning and X-Rays but almost everything else has a 50% co-pay. there are also age liits on certain procedures such as braces. Some dentists require you to pay everything up front and they YOU file the claim voucher and get money can be a pain depending on your dentist.


OK, so you're on the right track- you want to ask for help but you're not going to the right place. Pick up the post directory- or maybe its online- and get ahold of the Enlisted Wifes Club- and contact them. Its their job to know how to make this happen for you- good luck


You have to be enrolled in tricare for them to cover you....And a military ID will get you on base to get the paperwork... I had to have my now ex husband send me the paperwork because he had to sign it also...So he filled out what he could, signed it, sent it to me, I filled it out, signed it and sent it in.... Basically he has to do his part first, and that means he needs to enroll in it and put you down as a dependent, then send the paperwork to you....It's a hassle...As long as he has put you down as a dependent though you will be covered...



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